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Pain Salves

The multiple strength Pain Salves and multi-purpose Whole Body Bliss Lotion are especially useful to persons that are battling arthritis, skin cancer, dry skin, skin conditions such as psoriasis & eczema, and neuralgia. 

Pain Salve - This incredibly potent herbal infusion, with broad spectrum hemp derived CBD  that contains a powerful blend of pain relieving herbs and essential oils,  specifically for arthritis, muscle aches, ligament and joint pain. A much more potent, stronger & soothing salve than others currently on the market today. Our signature pain salve is a potent topical pain reliever & anti-inflammatory made from an herbal infusion, that includes, arnica, calendula, devils claw, willow bark, Solomon seal, California poppy and essential oils for pain and inflammation such as frankincense. We also add an oil infusion of turmeric and capsicum, as well as magnesium to relax your muscles, in an organic beeswax base. Smells good too!

  • Organic ingredients
  • Chemical free
  • It works!

 Get pain relief from: 

  • arthritis
  • tendonitis 
  • ligaments 
  • muscle stress & pain
  • leg cramps

Order today to help relieve your arthritis pain, muscle pain, cramps, tendon and joint pain naturally.  Available in 1oz and 2oz sizes. 

Pain Salves are available in strengths of: 

  • Pain Salve 800  2oz- Contains1600mg (800mg per ounce) Our most popular salve!
  • Pain Salve 400 1oz-400mg  
  • 1oz/2oz-200mgs (original)

Pain Lotion


Whole Body Bliss Lotion

Whole Body Bliss, phyto-active hemp lotion is a non-greasy multi-purpose, soothing skin and Pain relief Lotion. It has a light and lovely scent that beautifully absorbs in to the skin leaving it soft and moisturized. It's Multi-purpose in that it can be used as a pain reliever for sore & fatigued muscles.  It is ideal for use after strenuous activity and has been effective and works fast as a topical pain relief solution. It can also be used as a daily face & body lotion. Combining organic phyto-active herbal ingredients of aloe vera, hemp seed oil, rose flowers, white willow bark, arnica, calendula, neem seed oil, and magnesium. Whole Body Bliss Hemp Lotion Includes a proprietary blend of exquisite aloe vera and healing essential oils for the skin to helps to relieve inflammation, skin issues such as eczema, psoriasis, dryness, burns, abrasions and whole body aches & pains.. Use Whole Body Bliss as a full body moisturizer. Whole Body Bliss has a higher concentration of broad spectrum hemp derived CBD than the other CBD creams on the market with 500mg & 250mg broad spectrum hemp cannabidiol. You will not want to live without it! 

Whole Body Bliss may offer relief from: Muscle ache & Fatigue, Leg and muscle Cramps, Eczema and Psoriasis, Dry Skin, Moisturizing & Soothing relief. Packaged in a cobalt blue BPA free container. 

Whole Body Bliss Lotion is available in:

  • 250mg-2oz
  • 500mg-4oz